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Visit Narrabri NSW - it is set in the heart of the rich Namoi Valley, in North West NSW, Australia. Narrabri NSW is home to 7,300 residents who enjoy good shopping, good sporting facilities and a very good way of life. Narrabri is situated 100 kms from Moree in the north and 110kms from Coonabarabran in the south on the Newell Highway. Gunnedah is 95kms to the east and Wee Waa is 45kms west on the Kamilaroi Highway. It is the home of the Narrabri Shire Council, The Crossing Theatre, and the untamed beauty of Mt Kaputar National Park, Pilliga National Park and the Australia Telescope. Narrabri services the surrounding towns of Boggabri, Bellata, Wee Waa, Pilliga and Gwabegar.

Narrabri has daily Country Link Rail, air services and interstate coaches. The district has an average summer minimum temperature of 17° and a maximum of around 37°. Recorded average winter minimum and maximum temperatures are 3° and 17° respectively. The district can also expect a rainfall level of approximately 635 millimetres in one calendar year. It is 190 m above sea level.

Narrabri tourism includes an amazing amount of interesting places to visit, a wide selection of eating experiences. Some menus include fine local produce such as olives, wine and superlative pasta which is made from the high quality durum wheat grown in the Bellata area. Accommodation is plentiful and of excellent standard. It includes motels, caravan parks, B & Bs and farm stays, either self catering or fully pampered!

Photos in this website are supplied by Margo Palmer, John Burgess, Rohan Boehm and the Narrabri Information Centre



Narrabri NSW is the headquarters for two major agricultural research stations, the Australian Cotton Research Institute and the IA Watson Grains Research Centre. Narrabri's growth and development is strongly tied to the success of its agricultural and commercial industries, and is moving ahead towards a prosperous future with the current population being approximately 7,500.  


On a regional scale Narrabri NSW is encompassed by Regional Development Australia - Northern Inland NSW. This entity undertakes the promotion of the region



The Narrabri NSW District is a major producer of a variety of agricultural commodities including cotton, wheat, beef cattle and sheep and pulse crops.



Narrabri NSW always has houses for sale and houses for rent on a wide range and commercial blocks and shops also come up for sale.   The variety is amazing.



The Business directory encompasses the towns of the Narrabri Shire, if you own a business the cost to have a landing page and or a listing is very minimal.


Local News

OP-ED_ Water Royal Commission is the way forward

OP-ED_ Water Royal Commission is the way forward

Water Royal Commission is the way forward

Leaving the Basin Plan will not solve the issues we have with the allocation and management of water in this State. It will not see any more water in our rivers, or return any water back to farmers.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party have been calling for a Federal Royal Commission for over a year now, with the sole intent of untangling the mess water management is in.

The mismanagement of water is destroying our rivers, communities and industries. That’s why myself and Helen Dalton have been pushing hard on pausing the Basin Plan and conducting a Royal Commission.

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Wee Waa Long Table Weave – 17th December, 2019

Wee Waa Long Table Weave – 17th December, 2019

All Wee Waa and surrounding area residents are invited to attend the upcoming Wee Waa Long Table Weave event on the 17th December 2019 held in Rose Street during the Mardi Gras form 6pm.

The Wee Waa long table weave is funded by the Empowering Rural Communities PHN Hunter New England & Central Coast and hosted by QOE Health to harness the richness of the community through creating conversations and connections between community members.

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5 Important Benefits Of Choosing A Gluten-Free Diet

5 Important Benefits Of Choosing A Gluten-Free Diet

Ever wondered what the fuss was about the gluten-free diet?

There's actually a variety of health benefits to be had from eliminating gluten from your diet.

From increased energy levels to greater digestive comfort. There's plenty more that come with this great health move!

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Real Estate

23 Vera Leap Road, Wee Waa

23 Vera Leap Road, Wee Waa

For Sale House Wee Waa

FOR SALE    5       2      4      Price $420,000.00  Negotiable and all reasonable offers will be considered.

This weatherboard and Hardiplank home is situated on the outskirts of town inside the levee bank. Zoned General Industrial on 2.3 acres.

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39 Cormie Avenue, Wee Waa, NSW, 2388

39 Cormie Avenue, Wee Waa, NSW, 2388

Home For Sale Wee Waa New South Wales

39 Cormie Avenue, Wee Waa, New South Wales

4 bedroom home for Sale!! 
Fully ducted split system, double garage with loft.
Large entertainment room, 2 bathrooms, main bedroom with ensuite, 3 bedrooms have built ins. 
Pool, Solar panels.

For more information contact 
Luke Humphries 0428957049 or Erin Humphries 0408715321

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85 - 87 Rose Street, Wee Waa, NSW, 2388

85 - 87 Rose Street, Wee Waa, NSW, 2388

Commercial Investment Opportunity

Long Term Lease in Main Street

• Lot 162 DP 1035634 Shop - one commercial shop 
• Zoned B2 Local Centre 

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Unit 4/ 71 Rose Street, Wee Waa NSW 2388 Office Space For Sale

Unit 4/ 71 Rose Street, Wee Waa NSW 2388 Office Space For Sale

Commercial Investment Office Space available in Wee Waa for Sale

1,019 ㎡ leased/Rented just off Main Street. Front Shop 2 sold

Genuine inquiries Call Sue Smith 0428 436 720

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Local Events

What You Need to Know if you Plan to Buy a Car Before The End of Financial Year

Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What You Need to Know if you Plan to Buy a Car Before The End of Financial Year

Julian Parsons - Sydney

Did you know that now is the perfect time to buy a car?

The end of the financial year is right around the corner and it couldn’t be a better time to buy a new car. If you’re after a good bargain, there’s quite a bit to consider when purchasing a car.

With different financing methods and competing sales rates, there are a lot of possibilities to ensure that you get the best deal. And the good news is that both small-time car dealers and big brands are keen to sell cars at hefty discounts before the end of the financial year.

End of year financial sales is an opportunity to obtain a car at a great price. The financing experts at Credit Capital explain why, saying “by the end of the financial year, car importers and distributors are after minimal old stock and plenty of cash in hand. As a result, they are more likely to give dealers wholesale incentives to move stock that’s been sitting inactive at length.”

If you bargain right, you could potentially knock thousands off the price of a new car. However, as a buyer, you should know which car you want prior to shopping for it. This includes looking at a number of deals and buying as close to the end of the financial year as possible. It’s important to note that if buyers agree to a particular deal before the end of the financial year, they do not need to register it before the end of June – they can do that in July or August.

Before you start bargaining for a car, you’ll need to be aware of your auto financing options.

Car Loans

This is when you obtain a loan to purchase a car – usually from the bank or a smaller lender. In this option, you can either obtain a secured or an unsecured car loan. A secure car loan is when you use your car as security against the loan.

In many cases, you are able to obtain a lower loan rate if you obtain a secured loan. Car loans from banks usually range from one to seven years while there are a lot of competitive car loan schemas available for you to choose from.

The key here is to explore your options and research the different car loans offered by different banks and lenders to assess which plan suits you the best.

Dealership Financing

Dealership finance refers to the finance options offered by a car dealership, such as Toyota Finance, Nissan Finance or Esanda, which secures the funds through a lender.

One of the advantages of dealership financing is that this option offers you lower rates and as of 2018, dealers can no longer increase the interest rate secured with the lender when offering finance to a buyer. The length of this financing option is usually shorter than that of a car loan too, ranging between 3-4 years.

As a buyer, you’ll need to have a good credit record to be eligible to obtain dealership financing as this type of financing is more likely to be available only for the new cars.

According to bookkeeping experts at Metro Bookkeeping, good credit records go hand in hand with good financial record keeping, saying “bad credit can often come as a result of mismanaged finances. When you don’t know where your money is coming from, and more importantly where it needs to go, it’s easy to fall behind and suffer a poor credit score as a result.”


What Should I Know Before I Buy a New Car?

As illustrated above, there are a couple of financing options available to you if you do not have the money for a car upfront. ASIC provides comprehensive advice on auto financing and encourages potential buyers to keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure you can afford to pay the instalments to the loan you’re seeking to obtain.
  2. Explore your options and try to find the best deal for you before you make a commitment.
  3. Keep up with your loan instalments and get help if you cannot keep up

In addition to knowing what you want and ensuring you have the funds to pay for the car in question, you will need to consider the marketing dealers are employing to secure their sales.

Nothing demonstrates this better than the 0-1% finance offers – with many advisory websites like warning buyers that these offers are nothing more than marketing ploys. The reason for this is that the price of the car is often inflated when it is under a 0-1% offer and you could end up paying more than you would normally.

Instead of the money being spread over a series of repayments, the interest cost is factored into the upfront sales price of the car. As a result, you are less likely to be able to negotiate the price with the dealers. These offers create a sense of urgency because they’re available for limited times.

The team at Smart and Fast Electrical rely on their cars to deliver their service and provide the following exclusive insight into the importance of getting the right deal, saying “take the time to conduct research before you commit to a vehicle. This will ensure you get the best deal possible, and use competing lenders and dealers against each other to leverage the best result possible.”

The key here is to do the calculations. If you’re shopping around for a car and encounter dealers that are offering 1% finance on cars, spend some time comparing other offers and calculate whether you’ll be paying more on the 0-1% or the other offers. Another important factor to consider is that you won’t have as much negotiation power on 0-1% finance cars.

At the end of the day, just like being flexible with your finances you want to know that you’re buying your car at the best price available. If you spend some time shopping around, calculating the amount of money you’ll be paying in total and over the whole duration, you’ll be able to do that.

The key is to take your time and consider all your options, both in payment and financing offers.

 Author Bio:

Julian Parsons is an Australian writer and a business administration student living in Sydney. He is passionate about financial data and project management. Julian enjoys photography and when he’s not studying or writing, you’ll find him outdoors capturing shots of nature.

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'Prospects are pretty grim': Moree farmers call for more drought support in future

Local farmers sent a strong message to policy makers on Tuesday.
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Giving voice to bush businesses

Long before the awesome Buy from the Bush campaign, Cunnamulla's Samantha Meurant was trying to give voice to regional, rural and remote business women.
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SA farmers receive rate reprieve in $21M drought package

IMMEDIATE council rate and pastoral lease rent relief will be granted to SA farmers, after the state government announced a $21 million drought relief package.
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