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Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship

Narrabri Local Aboriginal Land Council

Author: Kate Schwager/Monday, 11 January 2016/Categories: Community, Scholarships

The 2016 round of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)’s Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship are now open for applications. The Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship was launched in 2002, after Freddy Fricke bequeathed his estate to NSWALC and asked that the proceeds went towards supporting Aboriginal education. The scholarship aims to support Aboriginal people who may face financial barriers to education and to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills within the community.

To apply, applicants must:
- Be a member of a LALC (if over 18 years) or parent/s or guardian/s must be a member of a LALC (if under 18 years old);
- Not have previously been a recipient of the Freddy Fricke Scholarship; and
- Complete and submit the application form and include supporting documentation by 5pm, Monday 1st February 2016

For more information, please visit http://alc.org.au/nswalc-in-…/freddy-fricke-scholarship.aspx



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