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Friendly Face Helping Hands Foundation gets a helping hand

Friendly Face Helping Hands Foundation gets a helping hand

Landmark Classic Sales Tamworth Saturday 6th February

Author: Kate Schwager/Saturday, 6 February 2016/Categories: Boggabri, Narrabri, Wee Waa, Community

Yesterday we attended Landmark Classic sale and spent the day with Mark and Shelley Ruff who had donated 10% of the sale profits for an amazing horse called Bulla Ava. Ava sold for $25,000 which was amazing. 7 years ago I decided that I needed to help and support people who had medical incidents or accidents. I was selfish in that I needed to feel worthy and I also felt I was given a second and third chance and others just don't get another chance so I needed to feel that I was helping others and making a difference. This year Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation is 5 years old and the people we have helped the lives we have saved has been overwhelming over 50,000 people have been helped and supported. But what I did not think would happen would be the amazing building of this foundation many businesses are built on bricks, mortar, statistics and projected income. Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation is built on love, friendships, honesty, integrity and understanding. Our walls are the hands of friends we have found along the way and our foundations are strong and supportive and built to last. I started this to help others but it is me who has been helped most my life is so full of beautiful People who have become my friends and the walls of our Foundation. Many people have a few friends our foundation is so blessed to be a network of friends who volunteer work and support. Just this week we need to thank these amazing friends for all the support 
Mark and Shelley Ruff
Anna Moulder and Kelly Fuller ABC radio
Jenny Dillion and Kylie Galbraith The Northern Daily Leader, Mark Barton Landmark, Anita Osbourne and Murry Wilton Royal Agriculture Show Sydney Royal Easter Show and Tim OBrien Australian Agriculture Show Society. Allana McIntire A Pollocrosse Affair. Thank you for the friendship we are strong and with your friendship we will keep fighting and help any more people. From our hearts Thank You...

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