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The Horizon Scholarship

The Horizon Scholarship

Supports the next Generation of agricultural Leaders.

Do you know someone starting an Ag-related degree in 2016? Let them know that the 2016 Horizon Scholarship applications are open now! $5K/year! More info: http://www.rirdc.gov.au/horizon
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Funding available through Office of Sport & Recreation

Funding available through Office of Sport & Recreation

From Narrabri Shire Council

Funding is currently available through the Office of Sport & Recreation to incorporated, not-for-profit sport clubs under the Local Sport Grant Program. The closing date for applications is 11 February 2016.

There are four project types within the Program:

Sport Club Development
- Funding for training programs that will lead to volunteer coaches, officials and club administrators gaining required education and accreditation. 
- Projects that improve a club’s community presence, ability to communicate with members or undertake administrative functions
- $2,000 maximum funding available

Community Sport Events
- Events that promote participation in sport and physical activity and provide a focal point for community building and engagement
- Events that primarily involve sporting competition or mass participation in an organised physical activity
- $5,000 maximum funding available

Sport Access
- Costs associated with overcoming a barrier to participation in sport
- Subsidised travel costs to assist club athletes aged under 18 years access first class coaching or participate in higher levels of competition
- $5,000 maximum funding available

Facility Development and Capital Equipment
- Projects at sporting clubs and facilities used by sporting clubs that enhance existing facilities, provide ancillary facilities, and for the construction of new fixed and portable facilities
- $25,000 maximum funding available

For further information on these funding opportunities please contact Council’s Grants Officer, Roz Solomon on (02) 6799 6865 or rosalyns@narrabri.nsw.gov.au

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Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship

Narrabri Local Aboriginal Land Council

The 2016 round of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)’s Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship are now open for applications. The Freddy Fricke Education Scholarship was launched in 2002, after Freddy Fricke bequeathed his estate to NSWALC and asked that the proceeds went towards supporting Aboriginal education. The scholarship aims to support Aboriginal people who may face financial barriers to education and to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills within the community.

To apply, applicants must:
- Be a member of a LALC (if over 18 years) or parent/s or guardian/s must be a member of a LALC (if under 18 years old);
- Not have previously been a recipient of the Freddy Fricke Scholarship; and
- Complete and submit the application form and include supporting documentation by 5pm, Monday 1st February 2016

For more information, please visit http://alc.org.au/nswalc-in-…/freddy-fricke-scholarship.aspx

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The NSW Government and ClubsNSW have come together to run the Premier’s Anzac Ambassadors Program,

The NSW Government and ClubsNSW have come together to run the Premier’s Anzac Ambassadors Program,

Entries Close - 5pm Friday 18 December, 2015

The NSW Government and ClubsNSW have come together to run the Premier’s Anzac Ambassadors Program, an exciting initiative that will give young people the opportunity to visit historic Anzac sites during the remainder of the Centenary of WWI.
The 2016 program, sponsored by ClubsNSW, will see six young people chosen to retrace the steps of WWI Australian soldiers across Athens, Lemnos, Crete, Paris, Ieper and the Somme in April 2016. 
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In 2015, Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across all sectors. 

The initiative provides women in regional Australia with grants for leadership development. More specifically, grant applications are open to women employed in regional and rural Australia at two levels. Please click on the preferred program link for details:

1. Senior Management and Executive Level women leaders can apply for $12,000 individual grants to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program

2. Emerging and Mid-Level women managers can apply for $4,500 Individual Grants to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program

Expression of Interest

To request additional information or a scholarship grant application form, simply complete this Expression of Interest Form and either email (info@wla.edu.au) or fax (1300 451 031) it back to us.

Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail, please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Australian School of Applied Management on 1300 138 037or via ianj@asam.edu.au.
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Auscott Limited Education Scholarship 2016

Auscott Limited Education Scholarship 2016

One of Auscott’s most valued community services is the provision of the Auscott Undergraduate Scholarship Programme. Commenced in 1969, the program provides for three new undergraduate scholarships each year – one in each of the company’s three rural operating areas. Final year high school scholars, residing within the geographical limits laid down in the conditions of the programme, are invited each year to apply for a scholarship. Numerous criteria are used to assess the applicants. The selection process includes an interview with the selection committee and representatives of the particular school involved. 

Since inception there have been well over one hundred rural students graduate at an Australian university or other accepted higher education institutions as a consequence of having been supported by the Auscott Undergraduate Scholarship scheme. The award includes coverage of or significant contribution to tuition, accommodation, travel and book fees.

More details of the Scholarship are supplied below or can be obtained by calling one of the regional Auscott offices or the Head Office in Sydney.

Click the Header to get the details on the scholarship now being offered.

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Since 2007, the RAS Foundation has provided over 240 students with $1,189,000 worth of financial support to fulfill their educational goals. The helping hand given to these students assists them to achieve their potential, and provide regional and rural NSW with a more vibrant and sustainable future.

Rural Scholarships are now open for 2016 – we ask that you please pass on this information to suitable students in your networks who require financial support, love to give back to their community and want to make rural and regional NSW more resilient and dynamic!

For more information visit: http://www.rasnsw.com.au/Scholarships-Grants.htm for tertiary students

Rural Scholarships (NSW only) Up to 50 scholarships - $5000 http://www.rasnsw.com.au/rural-scholarships-.htm


JB Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism (National) 1 only - $10,000



Sydney Royal Wine Scholarship (National) 1 only – $5000



Sydney Royal Dairy Produce Scholarship (NSW only) – 1 only -$5000 http://www.rasnsw.com.au/sydney-royal-dairy-produce-scholarship.htm


Applications close 

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