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Area Development

On a regional scale Narrabri is encompassed by the Regional Development Australia Northern Inland - NSW. This entity undertakes the promotion of the region as a whole in terms of profiling the investment prospects, resources, economic status, community services and tourism potential of the entire region. As the 21st century progresses Narrabri stands as a prosperous, modern country town servicing a large productive district in which mining is beginning to take its place alongside agriculture.

Narrabri is the centre of local government for the Narrabri Shire. Initiatives undertaken by the shire within Narrabri include, upgrade of the swimming pool to a heated pool, night lights on the Collin Park oval, major road and drainage improvements within the town and in particular to the growing industrial sector including Francis Street. Tibereena Street has been upgraded facilitating the use of The Crossing Theatre for promoting the town as a place to hold conferences. New housing estates and blocks for housing development have been made available for sale both in town and adjacent to town to accommodate the growing population. Further developments are proposed with the upgrade of the airport, Narrabri remains very much a service and transport centre for the wheat, cotton, and livestock industries of the district.

The Narrabri Lake (above), The Crossing Theatre, new Aquatic Centre (below) and along with improved sporting facilities, are just some of the developments afforded to the town of Narrabri. Developments such as these are established to benefit an entire community. Funds for some of these developments are often raised through social events and occasions, thereby enriching the social opportunities of Narrabri residents and visitors alike.

This image is from the Narrabri Tourist information centre website of the aquatic centre.

In 2000 a unique concept was initiated by the Narrabri Shire Council due to the algal bloom in the Murray/Darling system and consequential restrictions enforced by the Environmental Protection Authority in the early 1990s. It is known as Federation Farm now sharefarmed by a committee representing all the schools in Narraabri they divide any profits on a per capita basis, enabling them to acquire secure funding without relying on fundraising. The money obtained by the schools goes directly into improvements.

Narrabri Creek

From an agricultural development perspective the area is rich in research and analysis activity. In close proximity to Narrabri is the CSIRO Australian Cotton Research Institute, The University of Sydney Wheat Research Institute and the CSIRO Australia Radio Telescope and Visitors Centre.